We’ve all been there before. Hosted a friend or family member at our home for a few days. By the time they’ve left we regret ever opening our home to them… NO?! Just me?! Well, with Spring Break approaching I thought to share a short list of tips sure to please both guest and host.

Arrive With A Gift

It’s customary to graciously thank your host by offering a gift. Bring flowers, bottle of wine or a scented candle. After all, you’re receiving complimentary boarding; and who doesn’t like a small token of appreciation?!


Pack Toiletries

It comes as no surprise that the toothbrush is the most commonly forgotten daily essential. A request for commonly forgotten necessities is understandable but needing ALL vital toiletries is bad form. Prior to your travels, stop by Target and grab a few minis- not only are they inexpensive but they pack well in your carry on.


Pitch In

Your intentions are good, of that i’m sure but merely offering a helping hand isn’t enough. Actively assist without asking or being prompted. The sink is full of dishes, roll up your sleeves and bust those suds! Wake up early to cook breakfast for your host. Small gestures go a long way!

The most important tip of all is to not out stay your welcome. Staying a few extra days to squeeze in more sightseeing or catch the last day of an exhibit? Grab a hotel room! Maintaining healthy boundaries is key.


Thank me later  😉