Getting away for a vacation hasn’t always been easy since the birth of my children. Nanny coverage, proper meal planning, setting out outfits for the children, coordinating team sports pickup, packing for myself and my hubby… it can be overwhelming and EXHAUSTING!!  Staying at properties I am familiar with when traveling eliminates the guess work. After all, I am pooped from preparing for the trip- I want to relax while on the trip. Which is why I stay at DREAM properties where available.

Dream South Beach is a boutique hotel that is conveniently located within walking distance to everything. Need a drink, there’s a guy for that. Fresh linens, there’s a guy for that. Hair tie, there’s a guy for that. Forgot your toothbrush, you guessed it- there’s a guy to bring you that! Of course that is normal but at this property they do it with a smile and make you feel as though you’re not asking for too much. During our stay we needed a taxi to Prime112 as we were meeting friends for dinner. I know you’re thinking “isn’t there an app for that?”, well let me fill you in friend- we don’t have über or Lyft or any other mobile transpo service on our cellular devices. So, we asked the front desk agent to call for a taxi. The young lady kindly obliged and tells us to have a seat while she arranges for transportation. Moments later we are told that our über awaits and to enjoy the evening. No request for reimbursement… this is what makes DREAM hotels uniquely special properties. They employ individuals that go the extra mile to ensure guests are pleased.

Aside from superior service this property is a bloggers DREAM *pun intended*

The property boasts beautiful views, vivid colorful landscapes, aesthetic cocktails, dope art  and well crafted small plates. Ideal for social media snapshots.

Most importantly the property is very cost effective so it won’t break the bank.

NO I’m not being paid for this, just want you to have as wonderful of an experience as I did.

Thank me later 😉

Now the fun part…PICS! Took many to display the property but everyone and their uncle has already done that

Check out these dope pics of me instead!

Day 1

blazer | blouse | denims | shoes

Day 2

trousers | shoes

Day 3

trench | top | denims | shoes | handbag

swimsuits | swimsuit | sandal | sunshades | hat