Drink W A T E R the END… HA… if only it were that simple…

Acneic skin has been an issue that’s plagued me for many years. Overactive sebaceous glands coupled with environmental factors (smog/pollution) have left my skin patchy, red and inflamed with pustules that are unsightly.

Throughout my struggle with acne i’ve gone through a host of products, from creams and serums to tonics and ointments, with no resolve. After awhile I decided to see a dermatologist with hopes of a medical grade miracle. What I learned through trial and error is that there is no easy fix. Time, diet, adequate hydration and a consistent hygienic routine all play a major role in achieving AND maintaining healthy clear skin.


I am no physician, however I have gone through a great deal of product and feel that I may know a thing or two about acenic skin. Allow me to preface this by saying that my remedy/routine may not be effective as it is not a one size fits all. There are many different skin types that are inundated with issues unfamiliar to others. The key is to find a regimen that works and stick to it.

Clean skin equates to clear skin. Face washing twice daily is the key. Cleanse in the morning to remove overnight grime and again in the night to rid your skin of the day. It is important to wash two times twice daily. The initial wash gets rid of what has accumulated on your skin during the day. Be it dirt, makeup, what have you- the initial wash cleanses the skin. It is the secondary scrub that fully penetrates the skin.

When washing my face I start with Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser. The second wash requires something a bit stronger as it best penetrates the skin. I use Clean + Clear Acne Cleanser, the 10% benzoyl peroxide not only combats acne but it also acts as a bleaching agent ridding my skin of acne scars and dark spots.

AM Routine 
After cleaning my face I use Mario Bedescu Rosewater Toner. Rosewater is calming to the skin and aids in hydration. Following toner I apply hyaluronic acid and  Obagi Brightening Cream. After 5 minutes of dancing in the mirror and letting my face dry I apply Embryolisse moisturizer. Lastly I slather on an SPF 50 sunscreen to protect my skin from free radicals and sun exposure.

PM Routine Before cleansing my skin I use Shiseido wipes to rid my face of makeup and creams applied previously. My morning routine is repeated sans sunscreen. Just before bed I apply a dime size amount of Obagi Tretinoin 0.05 retinoid cream. Tretinoin  is a leading aggressive treatment for moderate to severe acne; not only does it treat acne but it also (helps) shrink pores, cell turnover and collagen production. Downside- peeling and mild to moderate skin irritation. I don’t know about you but i’ll take a little peeling over mountainous pustules and blackheads.

Weekly Routine My weekly routine consists of masks that aid in regenerating cells and collagen. 100% Pure has the most fabulous all natural options. Below is a list of my go-to products


After the birth of my son I began to experience severe cystic acne. It’s believed to have been caused by the shift in my hormones. My physician sent me to a specialist who suggested I invest in DermaPen {micro-needling} treatments. Micro-needling is a procedure used to improve the condition of skin and reproduce collagen.  At $500 per treatment I was somewhat hesitant to try but was in desperate need of improvement. The initial treatment was very uncomfortable; wasn’t prepared for the pain associated with having 32 needles puncturing tiny holes into my face. Each treatment following the first was easier to handle. The results were well worth every ounce of discomfort. The texture of my skin improved tremendously, over time scarring minimized and the acne vanished. My pocketbook wasn’t pleased with the cost of the procedures. I decided to try an at home kit (against the advice of my doctor). After months of research I decided to go with the Dr.Pen brand micro-needling device. In addition to purchasing the device from the manufacturer I grabbed 25 needle heads (they’re single use items).

{R to L} Before 1st treatment to 3rd treatment

 After 6 (months) treatments  {ZERO makeup un-retouched image}

The photos clearly exhibit the change in my skin over the course of 6 months with micro-needling treatments.

My skin continues to improve as I perform at home treatments monthly.

Let me leave you with this,  in order to have flawless makeup you must have flawless skin.