Positioned on a cute side street in Metuchen, NJ lies a colorful sugary sweet confectionary wonderland. Lollipop Land is a D R E A M Y haven with offerings a plenty. Truffles, double coated caramel filled chocolate, gummies, swirly pops, semi-sweet chocolate, candy on a rope and MORE! This place is literally a cavity waiting to happen {in the best way possible}.

To celebrate the month of love, the children and I decided to enjoy a date of candy and fun. Lollipop Land hosted our evening of delight. The staff was overly accommodating, providing us with everything we could’ve possibly needed.

While exploring the store we discovered that it is owned by Two Chicks with Chocolate. Their story is one of diligence and perseverance. Beginning as a door to door chocolate sales woman, the creator of the company had a high standard for chocolate. Overcoming many obstacles their companies are thriving, providing superior confectionary goodness.

Our experience was one for the books. I highly recommend Lollipop Land as it is a great time for grown ups and children alike.